The United States has led democratic nations in transitioning from the “managed economy” to the “entrepreneurial economy” – now the recognized solution for the creation of small businesses through the generation of entrepreneurship.

However, while the U.S. has led in the global application of entrepreneurship as the vehicle for small business creation and economic growth, economic development organizations based on small business memberships have declined at a rate of 10% a year – a downward trend that is only expected to continue.

Why is that? Many schools of economic development and organizations supporting small business memberships have not established and understood the “kind of” entrepreneurial economy we are now in; and, in fact continue to mistaken it for something that it is not - offering services and products to its members based on old “managed economy” principles.

The result – these centers of thought leadership and small business advocacy organizations have no strategy and member’s benefit platform to foster the “reinvention” of their local community into one capable of generating the sufficient and necessary level of entrepreneurship to gain and sustain a competitive economic advantage.

Generating entrepreneurship is the valued added service economic development institutions, and business advocacy and support organizations must now provide the economic community ecosystem to foster business member’s growth, job creation and overall economic community development and prosperity.

Understanding the doctrine of entrepreneurship cultivation - how and why entrepreneurs start businesses and how and why communities support them in their growth - is critical to design strategies and implement support services to grow and sustain small business and innovative economic community growth and power.

Org-EcoSystem is Leader Six Inc. integrated paradigm and operating system for organically generating entrepreneurship from within a community that simultaneously cultivates streams of economic value for all community stakeholders. Its core training curriculum “How and Why Entrepreneurship Works” provides community economic development leaders the quintessential way of thinking about how to systematically foster entrepreneurship, cultivating an organic economic culture, and implementing economic community programs which add value for all economic community participants.

Org-EcoSystem fills the gap found in other schools of economic development thought by providing the indispensable knowledge and understanding about how and why entrepreneurs exist, and how to generate greater entrepreneurship which fosters small business growth and delivers greater overall economic community success to all constituencies and stakeholders.

Training Courses

Organic Entrepreneur Ecosystem Training Courses
Introductory CourseFostering an Entrepreneur Community from Within (Organic Ecosystem)
Training Course 1Planting Desired Entrepreneurs, Cultivating Entrepreneurs within a Community
Training Course 2Entrepreneur Environment, Cultivating a Community-led Entrepreneur Culture
Training Course 3Entrepreneur Farming Style, How to Train Entrepreneurs to Increase Success Rates
Training Course 4Entrepreneurial Miracle Grow, Building Business Coach Networks
Training Course 5Entrepreneurial Fertilizer, Building Mentor Networks
Training Course 6Entrepreneurial Fuel, "Just-in-Time" Resource Delivery System
Training Course 7Entrepreneurial Fuel, Building an Investor Network
Training Course 8Entrepreneurial Yield Multipliers, Experiential Events
Training Course 9Entrepreneur Quantity Market, Promoting Successes to Gain Momentum
Training Course 10Entrepreneur Greenhouse, Incubators
Training Course 11Entrepreneurial Yields, Measuring Entrepreneur & Economic Impact
Training Course 12Organic Entrepreneur Economy, Integrating Systems into an Ecosystem