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February 2016

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ..."

 These opening lines from Charles Dickens’ novel, “A Tale of Two Cities,” aptly describes how leading happens during seemingly contradictory times. For innovative leaders, motivated to make the world a better place, our time is no exception.

 Today, the global economy has transitioned from a “managed” based economy to an “entrepreneurial” centered one. While the United States leads here, it also confronts an intergenerational irony. 52% of Its adults think their children will be worse off economically. Also, its traditional community economic development and business service organizations face the need to change from business engines of attraction to business engines of growth to meet growing entrepreneurial needs.

 In ambiguous times entrepreneurs, by nature, see opportunity. For these times, its a chance for the U.S., to leverage the lead it has in this epic shift of economy types to build a generation of young entrepreneurial leaders who are empowered and Inspired to meet current and future challenges.

 The vision for such an effort is simple, create a generation of entrepreneurs with a matching community strategy and engine that’s fully resourced to realize it. The strategy to fulfill it is like that used in the Battle for the Pacific during WW II. Gaining control of the vast Pacific Theater occurred using an “Island Hopping” tactic - seizing one island at a time. Similarly, a generation of young entrepreneurs is built one community at a time.

 The engine that gets you there can organize and implement a local entrepreneurial based economic ecosystem that’s capable of providing business startup, and growth pathways which entrepreneurs can follow to attain success, and delivering the vital resources and services when entrepreneurs need them.

 In these times, innovations by countless young leaders have already led to major socio-economic progress and community growth. Google, Dell, and Facebook may have not become household names without entrepreneurs. Intentionally, building the next generation of entrepreneurs ensures the greatest opportunity, the “American Dream,” will pass on to our posterity.

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