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May 2016

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

The Power for Successive Success

"The moving finger writes; and, having writ, moves on: …"

The moving finger, a marker of time, forever writes. But once it has written, the moment is gone – forever irretrievable.

Likewise, life is full of perpetual motion and change, and most of the opportunities it affords will never reoccur if missed. Those understanding the principle of influence have the power to achieve and maintain success. As a result, they will own spots on lists of world’s most influential figures, like Martin Luther King and Walt Disney, and innovators like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.

Leader Six provides the “how to” engine for continuous success with its four intensive Accelerators: Influence, Producer, Engineer, and Architect. Use the Influence Accelerator to learn the power fundamentals not taught elsewhere: how and why success occurs, how individual and community interests help a person realize of his or her dreams – plus more!

Our pioneering leadership team of highly successful serial entrepreneurs, former military leaders and special agents are training a select few to understand how to use influence to garner personal success, help others achieve, build new organizations, and move the world to a better place.

Using these enduring keys of Influence, a twenty-year-old built, sold, and implemented a process that rejuvenated economies, fostered growth of hundreds of entrepreneurs, and changed the socio-economic development culture of an entire city in less than 18 months. This kind of success is not an anomaly. Join a network of peers passionate to help people acquire the basic power for success!

 Life, as does the advancing finger, progresses. Prepare to seize all its opportunity.


Start the journey!



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