Premise: What if? The key to Sustaining a Proactive Response to Change

Coaching organizational members to ask “What if” questions, especially leaders, is vital to forming a change resilient organizational culture. Asking what if questions increases the probability they will SEE the true nature of the competition, SEE potential disruptive technologies; and, SEE the real position of their business within this context. Even more fundamental, universally instilling a philosophy of asking, “What if questions” is key to correctly imagining the business or organization’s “next” future.

Leader Six helps customers develop and execute a strategy that is both adaptable and responsive to the realities of today’s global economic context – characterized by dynamic customer demographics, unremitting competitive challenges, and rapidly changing technology. By using Leader Six Inc. actionable assessment services, customers create strategy that is values based and mission focused, and balanced with its vision, operations management, and efficient resource utilization. The result is a strategy and action plan that has an accountability structure and metrics for obtaining long-term success. It’s a strategy that successfully unifies actions from the boardroom out to the business or organization’s operating edge.

If the rate of external change exceeds an organization’s ability to internally adapt, there is a high probability that unique market opportunities and technological breakthroughs will be missed. Our organization development solutions help customers build change resiliency. Leader Six Inc. helps customers “make the change” needed to increase growth and organizational effectiveness.

Organization Development services include:

  • Human Resource & Organizational Development Consulting
  • Regional Innovation and Advanced Defense Technology Clustering
  • Fostering Entrepreneurship, an Innovative Culture, and Sustainability Growing Economy

Organization Development Solutions

  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Climate Survey, Assessments and Action Research
  • Organization Design and System-wide Change Interventions
  • Role Clarification Workshops
  • Process Consultation, Analysis, Redesign and Execution
  • Structural Innovations and Implementations

enabling proactive change