Certified Polysomnogrphy Technologist

Location: Department of Defense, Sleep Center Clinics

Leader Six provides services of certified and/or registered Polysomnography Technicians for the Sleep Center at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, Fort Belvoir, VA, Defense Health Agency (DHA). Only U.S. Citizens can perform services under this contract.

Leaders Six is currently accepting resumes for individuals with the following general experience and qualifications for both day and night positions:

The Polysomnography Technician shall be competent in all areas of sleep disorders technology, including the setup and recording of overnight polysomnograms, continuous positive airway pressure/bi-level positive airway pressure (CPAP/BIPAP) titrations, Multiple Sleep Latency Tests (MSLTs) and scoring of data. Services are to be performed in accordance with established principles of sleep technology, including those adopted by the American Sleep Disorders Association and those included in the Sleep Disorders Center Standards of Practice.


A. Working knowledge and expertise with computerized sleep testing equipment to include extensive patient hook-up, utilizing a modified international 10/20 system, and the application of body leads.

B. High school graduate or equivalent.

C. Certification in Basic Life Support (BLS) and maintain certification throughout contract period.

D. Annual Purified Purine Derivative (PPD) tests.

E. The work requires regular physical exertion such as long periods of standing, stooping, or bending. It also requires pulling and pushing recording equipment. The technicians must be able to assist in the lifting
and positioning of patients.

F. Knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the brain and respiratory system as they relate to evaluation of sleep disorders.

G. Ability to perform basic math and writing to explain or describe moderately complex information.

H. Knowledge of side effects of drugs commonly used and its relevance and effects to sleep.

I. Ability to fulfill physical requirements of the job such as lifting or moving equipment and patients.

J. 2 years’ experience as a Sleep Technician and possess certification in polysomnography by Board of Registry in Polysomnographic Technology or American Board of Sleep Medicine.

K. Experience working in medical facilities as a military contractor and/or regulated environments.

L. Work primarily night shifts, as the majority of sleep testing is done during this time.

Personnel shall be readily available 5 days a week at the site, Monday-Friday from 2000-0600 for night studies and 0730-1600 for day studies. The Sleep Disorders Center operates 5 days a week, Monday-Friday, excluding federal holidays, weekends, and official facility closures. The place of duty is Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, 9300 Dewitt Loop, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

Contract personnel shall complete required documents for the Department of Defense Common Access Card DEERS enrollment, to obtain a CAC card for access to the installation and computer systems used in the healthcare facility.

Criminal History Background Check Requirement (MANDATORY). Applicants must meet the requirements of the Crime Prevention Act of 1990, as specified in paragraph 1.1.6, entitled “Criminal History Background Check