Business Development

Premise: Increase Win Probability. Expand Business Opportunity

With Leader Six Business Development support, Small Businesses get a cost-effective way to obtain tailored, full-spectrum business development consulting and professional services when needed. And, with our associate expertise and experience, create persistent growth for your business from customers, new markets, and relationships — without the internal overhead. Simply select one of our packages that best meet your need. Leader Six Inc. provides the capability of a full-time Business Development Staff:

  • Strategic planning (including identifying new customers and developing marketing approaches).
  • Customer and business partner relationship management.
  • Proposal management and team reviews.
  • Business opportunity “pipeline” development.
  • Assess; Plan: Propose; Pursue.
  • Facilitate business growth through business partners (suppliers, subcontractors, Joint Venture, technology, etc.).
  • Build and maintain high-level contacts with customers.


Business Development Product Consulting Hours
Introductory Package 4 Hour Assessment
Standard Package
(Weekly rate)
24 Hours Monthly
Deluxe Package
(Monthly rate)
40 Hours Monthly
Premium Package
(Annual rate)
64 Hours Monthly
(Six months minimum)
Monthly Hours 24 40 64
Board of Directors or Advisors Support
Client Coordination and Meeting Support
Business Development Opportunity Assessment
Business Development Capture Strategy and Bid Decision
Pre-Proposal Planning and Capture
Proposal Development and Management Review
Strategy Development
Business Capability and Customer Requirements Analysis
Strategic Narrative “Our Story” Content Design and Publishing
Capability Requirements Analysis
Customer Relationship Management