Ensured to Grow


Ask, “What if?” … Expand business opportunity

Simply stated, if the rate of change occurring external to an organization exceeds the organization’s internal capability to adapt, there is a higher chance its strategy fails, and it will unlikely exploit new business opportunities and leverage emerging technological breakthroughs. Through our organizational effectiveness and business development services, we take these challenge head on for our clients.

Organizational Effectiveness

Successfully dealing with the pervasive change business and organizational face requires a reformative and resilient culture of change that continuously aligns strategy with the right organizational future.

Our GENESIS-Six organizational effectiveness and change management platform enables leaders to:

  • SEE the true nature of the competition,
  • SEE the disruptive technology terrain,
  • SEE the business’s strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within that context.

Business Development

Leader Six’s business development support services support is packaged and tailorable to enable clients to increase win probability and expand business opportunity.