Management Consulting

In today’s Global Arena, leaders and organizations face the greatest generational shift in workforce history.

Millennial and Gen Z employee turnover averages 24 months. The projected cost to U.S. business is $30.5B. The result – an increasingly widening gap between the levels of baby boomer and millennial performance.

Traditional professional development, succession planning and bench building, while necessary, are no longer sufficient to curb the downward spiral in organizational performance.

To thwart this catch-22, elite leaders and organizations profile and shift leader and team performance. They capture the mindsets and behaviors of their high performers, and convert them into model operational processes, and personal and organizational behaviors to achieve peak performance levels.

Empowering Performance

Empowered to Perform

"ULTRA-Six has changed the game of business! The ability to design behaviors and performance increases the control over the business and our own abilities. We will grow 3x this year at least!"

– Former General Officer and CEO Contractor.

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Ensured to Grow

“Using Genesis-Six, my strategy for transition from small to medium size business category resulted is an action plan and structure and performance measures and continuous growth.”

– CEO Defense Contractor.

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