Building Resiliency

Arts and Military Community (ArtsMilCom) Ecosystems

The global and domestic paths of terrorism trodden by U.S. servicemembers and civilians for a quarter-century have converged in our local communities in the form of ever-increasing trauma – threating the long-term sustainability of a community’s wealth producing capacity.

Our communities are awash in trauma and Leader Six is fully committed and acting to combat the situation and offer community’s Post Traumatic Strength ® (PTS) to both civilians and military service members and their families.

This truly is a moment in time - to move towards creating Arts and Military Community (ArtsMilCOM) health and wellness ecosystems that leverage all clinical and therapeutic art resources within our communities. The ArtsMilCom movement envisions

  • the 5M Americans in today’s military family (80% live in our local communities and 2M are children),
  • the 4.8M Arts Workers (State & Local Arts Agencies, Community Arts Programs, Arts Service Organizations, individual artists), and Veteran Networks,
  • Military Family Support Networks,
  • local, state and federal departments and
  • agencies, businesses, philanthropy, universities

joining forces in greater collaboration.

The idea is to enable an Organic ArtsMilCom Ecosystem - framework- for the arts and military communities to collaborate and deliver relevant arts activities towards health and wellness and resiliency. This opportunity in the Arts and Military Communities’ relationship presents Leader Six with the unique opportunity to present service and community members with Post Traumatic Strength (PTS).


"Our support of DOD, Federal Agencies and National Non-profit initiatives has enabled State and local arts and military community connections - building resiliency, and well-being for military service members, veterans, their families and the larger civilian community"