Empowered to Perform

Harnessing the power of performance

Professionally, does your performance feel like it has stalled? Is your team perpetually bound by circumstances, battling competition, and seeking to escape the status quo?

With Leader Six’s Performance On-Demand – accelerators, leaders, professionals, and organizations are empowered to successfully shift their behaviors to achieve “top” levels of performance, and control and influence their environments.

EAGLE Six: This influence accelerator enables leaders and professional to continuously design their personal behaviors, achieve desired levels of influence and chart their future success. It prepares for-profit non-profit, and government organizations to increase and sustain individual performance at the level of their top performers. And, it does it in days.

Elite organizational performance is not random. It is a team’s capacity to collectively regenerate mental and operational processes to overcome performance challenges. Our SEAL Six, performance accelerator empowers leaders to confront conditions and consistently achieve levels of team performance formerly unimaginable.

ULTRA Six is our performance training & technology service that gives coaches and consultants the unprecedented capability to “assess, design, duplicate, and deliver (ADDD) top level performance” for their clients, and grow and expand their own coaching and consulting services.


“The ability to design leader and employee behaviors has exponentially helped us achieve success and removes most of the unknown variables in in performance. SEAL-Six is essential.”

CEO Defense Contractor