Generating Entrepreneurship

Organic Community - Entrepreneur Ecosystems

Everything has changed since the dawn of the 21st century: shifts in the economy, technology, the workforce demographics and industry serve to increase the appeal and value of entrepreneurship.

 The reality is that not only are there entrepreneurs struggling to start a new venture, there are also young businesses hoping to expand their existing enterprise — clearly a new approach is needed for successful economic development.

NexGen - Six

Our platform for fostering entrepreneurial activity takes an ecosystem approach creating balance among multiple elements and continually nurturing the system as whole — germinating new businesses, nourishing existing businesses, and ensuring that resources are allocated where they are most needed.

Our strategic approach is community led and composed of seven critical efforts:

  1. Open system learning
  2. Local mentoring and coaching
  3. Connecting to capital
  4. Creating connection opportunities
  5. Engaging local resources
  6. Communicating with the community
  7. Tracking and measuring performance

Across several mid-western cities we’ve fostered "entrepreneur and community infrastructures that fix and grow entrepreneurship and economies...Immediately."